Alteration & Reparing Service


Derzi’s performs alterations on garments that you purchased from others both tailors and off the rack. We would like your business and altering your clothes is very personal to us. So, don’t hesitate to bring us your alteration needs.


Too short or too long is no good and needs to be re done. Better not take a chance, come to us, we will pin and shorten to just the right length. At DERZI we provide a convenient and high-quality shortens and lengthens service to cater to your every need.

Alteration Service

We can alter, re style or even make just about anything according to your preferences.

Alteration Service

We all have wide range of items that become worn and threadbare. The attractiveness of our patches is that they complete the garment look. We have patches for all types of outfit and a whole variety of colors to tempt you.

DERZI master tailors have years of deep industry experience working with suits, enabling them to perform the highest quality adjust service for both men and women.

We offer an embroidery service for names and initials in a variety of colors fonts and styles in your outfit. We can also have logos embroidered, although we would need artwork and a have a minimum quantity requirement.

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